GTA 5 DogFight Warfare Mod For Pc

GTA 5 DogFight Warfare Mod For Pc


The following vehicles are used in war depending on the choice you make of spawn type, game mode and settings:
The aircraft carrier that has ships.
The submarine of the enemy with ships.
Defenses for ships: CIWS and RIM-116.
Bombers and fighter jets.
Attack helicopters.
Tanks & APC.
Boats and LCAC Hovercraft.
Cargo planes. Cargo helicopters.
Planes Refueling Tanker.


You can play as or one of 11 missions or arcade.

There are more than 250 models that can be which are supported and autodetected. All controlled by an NPC with their own specific situations. You can select allies as well as enemies in the menu. Make your war scene with water, land and air.
The NPC and the player planes take off, and after land bombers drop bombs.
It is possible to spawn into the cargo plane or helicopter, and then drop the vehicle in the cargo area using the parachute, or enter the cargo area while the plane is in autopilot.
NPC will release with the parachute in case it is it is about to be hit by the missile.
Paratroopers may jump from the helicopter or transport plane and strike if you are in a hazy position.
Radar displays missiles and tanks, boats vessels, helicopters and planes.
There are NPC who help the player and play against other NPC.
You can switch on the autopilot to either land or go to a the waypoint and then circle around.
You can change seats in your vehicle to shoot while the driver or autopilot takes off or flies around.
IR flares are used to deter helicopters and planes, and can cause the missiles to go off. NPC will fire flares to defend against missiles.
Bomber mode, which includes four different types of bombs and three camera modes.
Afterburners on players, jets, and NPC which correctly throttle.
Fire extinguishing shuts down the engine from operating and also repairs the vehicle back to 60 percent of its health.
You can refill the aircraft during the course of flight.
All weapons have increased range
Cars are more susceptible to damages.
Every vehicle has an emergency parachute in the event of a fall from the cargo plane.
GTA 5 DogFight Warfare Mod For Pc
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Carrier features:

It is equipped with catapults, elevators and shields for deflectors.
It comes with a bay door and roll-up garage doors.
It comes with an anchor. It is necessary to raise the anchor to drive it and then lower it to drive elevators or create spawn.
You can drive a carrier. The ships will be following.
Carrier and all vessels have air defense.

Fighter jets appear inside the storage bay. The tractor pulls it to the lift. The elevator rises towards the deck and then the pilot is driven into the catapult, and then attaches the launch bar. The shield for deflecting is raised, then the air crew on deck sign off for the plane to take off by using a catapult, vapor, and sound. All of this is for the NPC and player.

There is a possibility to spawn in the cargo bay. Once it is spawned, it would then drive to the elevator. Once there, you can go to the top of the elevator and get on the LCAC.

How To Use 



Set up the Mod:
Open Open IV. Select the option: Tool > Installer. “Dogfight.oiv”, then click on Install “Dogfight.oiv” file and follow the installation directions. Mods is the folder used for the installation
Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Pk Modders
Size: 188 MB 
File Name: DogFight Warfare 

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