GTA 5 Rainbomizer 3.1 Best Mod Pack

GTA 5 Rainbomizer 3.1 Best Mod Pack

Rainbomizer is a collection of modifications for Grand Theft Auto games that randomly alter the major elements in the gameplay. Some of the things that can be randomized include the missions, traffic cuts, voice lines, voice lines as well as other aspects!

It randomly selects key elements that make up the game which allows an enjoyable and challenging game play.

The mod is free software and can be modified as per the terms of GNU General Public License (v3 or later). The source code is available on GitHub
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Randomizers list

Traffic Randomizer: Creates random vehicles that are generated in traffic.
Mission Vehicle Randomizer Randomizes the cars you’re given in missions, and ensures your vehicle can be used to fulfill the mission.
Color Randomizer: Randomizes colors of different elements of the game like cars, HUD, and many more.
Mission Randomizer: Randomizes the the order of missions within the game. When a mission is completed the game continues in the same way as if you had completed the initial mission.
Randomizer for Weapons The weapon randomizer randomly distributes weapons to opponents.
Sound Randomizer: Randomizes dialogue as well as sounds that are played during gameplay.
Cutscene Randomizer: Creates random models that are used in motion-captured cutscenes.
The Ped Randomizer randomly selects every ambient, mission and cutscene-related peds.
Player Randomizer Player Randomizer: Randomizes the model of the player into a different model for peds.
Randomizer for Player Special Ability If you have Player Randomizer enabled, this feature randomly assigns the player’s unique ability.
Timing and weather randomizers: Changes the visual appearance of the game by randomly generating the weather elements and the sky colour.
The Handling Randomizer: It randomly selects handling of all vehicles.
Weapon Stats Randomizer The program randomly assigns stats to weapons like firing rate, range and so on. of all weapons.
Dispatcher Randomizer: Randomizes all dispatched police vehicles ambulances, helicopters and even boats.
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GTA 5 Randomizer Mod download

How to install GTA 5 Rainbomizer

GTA 5 Rainbomizer

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Make sure ScriptHook is installed
Extract the archive and save it to GTA V installation directory. GTA V installation directory
You can also set up the mod using config.toml within the “rainbomizer” directory.

Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: PK Modders
Size: 3MB 
File Name: Rainbomizer 3.1

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