GTA V Rampage Trainer Mod

GTA V Rampage Trainer Mod

If you wish to alter one specific hotkey within the trainer, you can modify it from the Hotkey Manager, under settings. Simply click the option and type in your new hotkey in the window. If you want to load your own custom header. Download OpenIV (if you don`t already have it) navigate to RampageFiles/Textures and open Textures.ytd. You can now change your textures “header_custom” with your own (512×128) and don’t alter the name. Log-log files can be found in RAMpageFiles/Logs. If there are any issues, you might want to investigate the log files.
GTA V Rampage Trainer Mod For Pc

Understanding the Rampage Trainer Mod

The Rampage Trainer Mod is a modification created by dedicated members of the GTA V modding community. It introduces a comprehensive set of features that allow players to unleash chaos, take control of the game’s mechanics, and experience the thrill of becoming an unstoppable force within the game world. The mod enables players to manipulate various gameplay elements, including weapons, vehicles, and character abilities, ultimately transforming the way GTA V is played.

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How To Install

Extract the .zip file and put the Rampage. asi and RampageFiles into your GTA V Directory.
Make sure you have the latest version of Alexander Blades ScriptHookV plugin (ScriptHookV.dll & dinput8.dll)


Rampage supports both Keyboard & Gamepad, Controls are:
Open Trainer = F4
Move Up = Arrow Key up or Numpad8
Move Down Arrow Key down or Numpad2
Move on Numerical Option (Number, Decimal, List) =  Right/Left Arrow key or Numpad4  and Numpad6
Move Back = Delete Key or Numpad0
Select = Enter Key or Numpad5

Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name: Rampage Trainer

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