GTA V Rhancer Photorealism Revision 3.0

GTA V Rhancer Photorealism Revision 3.0

Update on status July 22nd 17th, 2017. Wild ride is about to come to an end, and I’ll finish the mod update very soon (expect it to be ~1.5 two weeks following “Natural Vision Remastered” release). The main version isn’t as appealing as the washed-out images I’ve shared year(s) ago. Daytime lighting for sunny weather was substantially altered to fix the one of the most frightening changes I’ve made to it: shadows were virtually non-existent, the game looked dull and lost the depth. I was a fan back then It appeared to be a proper bounce light, however it was not, and after playing around with it for a some time, it felt awfully incorrect. It’s true that mistakes were made. It seems that rHancer is more like the older version, which is very similar to the revision 3.0 However, it’s still different, improved and generally better than 3.0. Additionally due to Razed the rHancer has added a little bit of fog to the mountains (no way to explain how this took place, but he managed to convince me that a certain amount of fog is okay). Long story short, here’s a quick comparison (ghetto quality, sorry for that): know there are few good guys who liked the new-old washed out look, so expect it in optional files (different sky brightness options included as well).

GTA V Rhancer Photorealism  Revision 3.0
In addition, an insane amount of work was put into sunrises, sunsets evening time general balance of intensity and color. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely good but it’s consistent in terms of quality at any point of the day in any elevation, anywhere and is 100% playable (at at least for the moment at least, lol).

What’s left to be done? The weather is cloudy. I don’t know why I bother, but it’s best completed. It is necessary to tweak bloom to suit all seasons but it’s still a bit nass I believe that less is better. I prefer taillights on cars with some bloom, and I’m unable to make a decision on it. Reflections look a little off I’m thinking of ENB reflections on cars for the standard version, but non-enb ought to look decent at the very least without making roads and structures look like reflections (aka the vanilla look) It’s up to me to determine what that is. It’s time to work on clouds. Things I’ve done with sunsets and sunrises look so distinct from the Revision 3.0 Vanilla clouds look awful.

Then I’m going to delete the “Photorealism” word from the mod. It’s not photoreal and never has been, so I have I have no idea the thought process I had in mind..

This is pretty much all. Stay tuned for more and look out for a simple (very basic and boring, especially with poor driving) trailers for gameplay the next week.
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Ver 3.0

Completely revised version of R*Hancer
One weather setup has been set up to date.
Reshade’s preset was revamped to accommodate new weather types, and it’s totally optional. You can select only weathers if you wish.

Ver 2.0

The new “Dark VanillaShadows” option with an unchanged the vanilla brightness. If you love deep dark shadows , this option is ideal for you.

Reworked fog options for:

“low fog “low fog” smog weather was replaced with conditions similar to that of extra sunny however with a little more fog and fog.

Thick fog changed name to “Medium fog”
It has been updated with a new “Thick fog + Blue Haze” The new version has a denser fog and blue haze in the distance. It completely obscures the horizon line

The weather has been completely vanilla with lower fog, better reflections, improved water reflections, more headlights, and many other improvements to provide the the best vanilla experience, and compatibility with every single reshade-related preset ever designed for GTAV

A plethora of bug fixes to make extra sunny, cloudy and clear. General fog improvements
Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10 MB 
File Name: Rhancer Photorealism

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