GTA V Rain Drops 4k 8k Mod

GTA V Rain Drops 4k 8k Mod

Developers were busy creating mods for all types of gamers. What if they could avoid streamers or Youtube content creators who want to include high-quality content to their videos. To help them, the raindrop texture mod 4K was created. The idea behind this modification was to remove dirt particles that were accumulating on the cars or homes and even the surrounding environment by raindrops. The game was intended to run between 4 and 8k, so you could only imagine graphics would be.

The drawback for this mode is it’s not appropriate for normal game play. Make sure to record all the content you would like to or take a picture, but when you’re looking to play in the normal way gameplay, you shouldn’t make use of the raindrop texture 4K mod. The sole reason for this is the decrease in frame rates to enable ultra HD graphics, which results in lower performance when playing.

GTA V Rain Drops 4k 8k Mod


There is one issue with this mod: sometimes, the quality of the video is suddenly reduced. This affects the image or video quality, so everything you do will be in vain. To enhance the visibility of your video manually all you have to do is hit the alt+tab button and exit the game without stopping it. When you return to the game, you’ll notice that the raindrops and textures are enhanced to a significant extent.
gta v rain mod

gta 5 raindrops on screen mod


  • The mod integrates perfectly with visualV to provide the best gaming experience . you’ll feel like you’re actually a player in the game. The goal of the creators was to create realistic effects and raindrops enhanced the overall visuals that the game offers.
  • The texture of dirt was completely eliminated in this version. Therefore, you won’t notice any dirt on your favourite vehicle. It’s just beautiful raindrops when you take an excursion on a dark, rainy night.
  • You can adjust the power of raindrops. This means you can select precisely the type of image or video you’re looking for and then alter the settings to match. This will aid you get your desired content the first try.
  • The overall textures for the game improved , and you can now observe the amount of detail created for every object, without sacrificing even a tiny degree of the quality the graphics. The entire game was created so that the ultimate gaming experience is achieved with ease

How to install:

Recommended (but not required) use with Rain Enhancement Script by uPrizZ.

1) Download & Install ‘Rain Effects – Enhancement Script’ by uPrizZ from the link above following the included instructions
2) Use OpenIV to navigate to Grand Theft Auto V/mods/x64e/levels/gta/vehicles.rpf
3) Enable Edit Mode
4) Scroll until you find ‘vehshare.ytd’ and open it
5) Click ‘Import’ in the top left and import the 4k or 8k version of vehicle_genericmud_car.png included in this download
6) Click ‘Save’

Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 40MB 
File Name: Rain Drops 4k 8k

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