GTA V Natural Vision Remastered 4k Mod

GTA V Natural Vision Remastered 4k Mod

In 2013, GTA 5 was released on consoles, and one year later it was released on PC, GTA 5 was an absolute stunner when it was released. It’s now two times older than my nephew. And for those who don’t know 7 years old. These old-fashioned textures and lighting systems make for an impressive vibrant Los Angeles imitation, but when you look too closely for too long, and the signs of age begins to display.

Then there’s into NaturalVision Evolved visual overhaul mod A bold attempt for bringing GTA 5 back up to the latest technology and graphics.

NaturalVision Evolution (NVE) will be the the natural progression from NaturalVision Remastered which is a continuous visual overhaul by the renowned GTA modder Jamal Rashid (Razed in modding circles). The goal of making GTA 5 appear more like Southern California is the goal and it was a bit of time and effort in researching locations, including “hundreds of photos and hours upon hours of video footage” to arrive at this point: Early access version.

I’ve tried giving NVE an attempt and it’s only accessible through Rashed’s Patreon. You’ll have to choose the $10 level to access to the service today. A free, open release is being planned So, no worries. Modders must have food too.
GTA V Natural Vision

The update includes modifications in “the environmental weathers, lighting system, ambient colors, tonemapping, world textures, building models and much more.” In more specific terms to use PC gaming terms, NVE adds “…Screen-space Raytraced Global Illumination, Skylighting, andrain reflections.”

Did you notice it? The most talked about buzzword? The ray-tracing method we have it in the present is not an element of an NVE overhaul. The total ray-tracing process mimics natural light sources that light the scene both on and off the the screen. Screen-space ray-tracing only reflect elements that are currently visible inside the space of screen. Full-screen ray-tracing of the scene would ruin the performance of GTA 5. It’s not an especially well designed game in the current state.
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Yet, even with screen-space ray-traced light adds an image. GTA 5’s moods seem to be more vibrant. More light and more detail in every scene brings each scene as a good rug would make a room look which makes it much easier to ignore minor graphical flaws. Bright days are full of brightness and color with the dull concrete against the vivid blue sky, paired with the greater ambience and diffuse that the extensive lighting system provides. The view of the sun setting while its light hits more reflective structures is very evocative of the real thing. It’s pretty beautiful. Legions that are more than what I recall GTA 5 looking like? Not really But it could be an upgrade.
The best part is when it’s raining, and more so in the evening. Puddle reflection is perhaps the most visible improvement, particularly when coupled with the more intricate reflections that are reflected across almost every vehicle. The street transforms into Mirror.

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Be aware that it’s an early-access version as well as a redesign of the visuals by a handful of developers added to some of the more challenging games ever made by a group of hundreds. It’s not completely perfect. We’re still waiting for final weather changes for storms. The lightning cuts a swath of lines across the sky. It’s too dense, actually. It’s a remarkably heavy lightning. There were places where I observed that some reflections, in particular those from the middle to the far distance, would flash. Minor aberrations like those could pop the illusion balloon quite easily, however: early access, therefore.

I removed the mod after about a few hours to see if the performance would be improved, and as well to keep in mind the way GTA 5 looked like before. It’s been a long time since I last played. My framerate increased by more than a third and I went to my NVE Ultra High preset’s 40-50 FPS to the vanilla GTA 5’s 110-120 FPS. With an i9-9900k and an RX 2080, a smooth 60 frames per second is perfect for NVE. This is still an early release and there are also a few less-than-optimal graphical presets that you can experiment with if need a lower visual boost to get a better performance.

If you’ve not experienced GTA 5 in a while The extra graphics may not immediately stand out. Vanilla GTA 5 definitely looks flatter, almost blurrier. With no reflections or beams of light moving across your screen GTA 5 looks closer to a pastel-colored cartoon. It’s still gorgeous however, it shows how important lighting is in videogames.


With NVE (and the massive gaming rig), GTA 5 looks much more like contemporary PC games. It’s not really an evening and day transition. Try it out If you’re more into mood and all the LA-ness GTA 5 and making sure that the frame rate is as high as you can.

Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 155MB 
File Name: Natural Vision Remastered 4k

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