Grand Theft Auto V Cheat Menu Mod

Grand Theft Auto V Cheat Menu Mod

GTA 5 offers a fun game that offers an enormous world where you can play whatever you want. While finishing missions and moving throughout the game is a good strategy to play GTA 5, another way is to skip the main objectives and just play around all the time you can.

If you don’t complete the main objectives in the game, it could be a little difficult to travel around the map as you’ll be short of funds to get access to certain things. This is where mod menus are into. They will help you transform the GTA 5 gameplay into your personal adventure and enhance your overall enjoyment. Here are five of the most loved GTA Mod menus are available to test.

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Five of the best mod menus in GTA 5

1) PC Trainer V
PC Trainer lets you change or modify the environment that is GTA 5 as per your desires. Are you unhappy with the weather? Change it. Do you want to roam in the streets with bodyguards who protect yourself? Do you want to spit some. Do you not like the cycle of day and night? Get rid of it.

PC Trainer V allows you to make numerous modifications to your game including how you dress to the way the whole Los Santos city Los Santos will appear like.


  • Minigames
  • Bodyguards
  • Control of the weather
  • Options for Weapons
  • Personal choices

2)Enhanced Native Trainer

Enhanced Native Trainer (Image credits:
Enhance Native Trainer is yet another mod menu that permits users to make various modifications in the GTA 5 gameplay. From your persona to pedestrians walking on the streets, you are able to effortlessly alter and modify any aspect of your game to suit your preferences. it.

With Enhanced Native Trainer it’s more simple than ever to personalize the appearance of characters, weapons such as peds, cars, or peds as well as transfer to other locations and save the time of traveling from one location to another.


  • Skin customizer
  • Customizing your vehicle
  • Weapon customizer
  • Extra vehicles and vehicles that are organized
  • Teleports that are organized and other locations

3) Firah Menu

Firah Menu will be an excellent mod menu for when you are looking to turn your world view into an entirely different experience.

It is easy to create any vehicle, attach any accessory to it, alter the climate, use endless ammo, put money in your account, or use ragdoll-like physics in the game to enjoy an awe-inspiring time. You can even change modes such as God mode and Never wanted.
  • Features
  • Self-options
  • Vehicle spawner
  • Weather
  • Options for weapons
  • Teleport to various locations

4.) Menyoo PCMenyoo PC (Image credit:

Menyoo PC Single-player Training Mod is specifically designed to improve the experience with GTA 5 story mode. GTA 5 story mode. It’s one of the mods that is downloaded most frequently, and is favored by a large number of gamers.

This is due to the aspect that you can alter your gameplay to almost everything with this innovative mod menu. Modifications made by the mod to your open-world appear realistic and offer an immersive experience that you will take pleasure in.


  • Options for vehicles
  • Options for weapons
  • Control of the weather
  • Add the task

Player options

5) Simple Trainer for GTA V
Simple Trainer (Image credit:
Easy Trainer to GTA V is an extremely simple mod menu that offers a range of different options for customizing your game.

The mod lets users to modify the way that your character walks or jumps. This Simple Trainer is perfect for players who don’t wish to make complicated modifications to incorporate into their game.


  • Personal options
  • Options for weapons
  • Vehicle spawner

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Activation and Controls

Use the F8 key to open using the keyboard.

Use RB+Left to open using the gamepad.

Use the following keys to navigate:

Backspace – Back
Enter – Select
UpArrow – Up
DownArrow – Down
LeftArrow – Left
RightArrow – Right

Features of cheat menu

B/Circle – Back
A/X – Select
DPAD Up – Up
DPAD Down – Down
DPAD Left – Left
DPAD Right – Right

You can change the keyboard and controller Menyoo open/close settings as well as other Menyoo defaults in the ‘menyooConfig’ file, which is found in the menyooStuff folder inside your GTA Directory. 

Download Link: Link1 link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 6MB 
File Name:Cheat Menu Mod

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